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Andrew C. Coté, LLC is a boutique law firm with over eighteen years of experience representing individuals, families, securities professionals and businesses in securities and business law. Andrew Coté’s experience may be unique. He combines eighteen years as a securities, corporate and business attorney with a further nine years as a Registered Investment Advisor and Senior Executive in a brokerage firm. He has invaluable insider knowledge of the securities industry and its potential for success, coupled with an in-depth awareness of its possible abuses and pitfalls – experience not offered by most attorneys. He is also a FINRA arbitrator (previously NASD).

Our legal services encompass the following:

YOU’RE AN INVESTOR who has lost thousands and even millions of dollars. You have been victimized by your stockbroker, insurance agent or investment adviser. You were incorrectly advised to purchase an investment totally unsuited for your circumstances, income, net worth and objectives. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE AN INVESTOR who wishes to take legal steps to recover your investment losses. You wish to know your options with regard to securities mediation, arbitration and litigation. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE A BROKER OF A BROKERAGE HOUSE charged with illegal or improper behavior by a customer, your brokerage house or the authorities. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE A BROKER OF A BROKERAGE HOUSE needing to manage or resolve workplace disputes within the industry. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE WISHING TO FORM A NEW COMPANY and need to have an informed opinion before committing yourself to a C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnership. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE A COMPANY OR INVESTOR who is considering raising additional capital and wish to explore the various options and any pitfalls connected with Private and Public Offerings. [READ MORE]

YOU’RE A BUSINESS NEEDING CONFLICT RESOLUTION Consider working with a skilled mediator. You will find that almost all business conflicts can be resolved more quickly and cheaply than embarking on expensive and time-consuming litigation. [READ MORE]



Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our firm and how we can assist you with your legal matter. Call us at (800) 290-4721 or email us at cotelegal@aol.com. We will be pleased to provide a free consultation to determine whether an engagement with our firm is appropriate for you.





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