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Next Steps -- Now that you suspect you may be a victim of investment fraud whether from securities fraud, churning (overtrading in your account), lack of suitability, negligence, unauthorized trading, or embezzlement, you are faced with the following options:

Securities Arbitration — FINRA (previously NASD) -- If you are an individual who has lost at least $75,000, or are acquainted with a group of investors who have together lost this sum or more, we strongly advise you to consider pursuing the case on an individual basis through arbitration as opposed to class action litigation. Individual claims are pursued to make the investor whole whereas class action suits are often settled for cents on the dollar. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process which is final and binding. Instead of a judge and jury, a panel of one to three impartial individuals (arbitrators) hears the evidence and reaches a decision regarding your claim for losses. Arbitration is usually faster, less expensive and less formal than litigation.

Securities Mediation — FINRA (previously NASD) -- In mediation, an impartial person (mediator), agreed upon by the parties, helps the parties find a mutually acceptable solution to the controversy. The mediation process is non-binding and is less expensive than arbitration or litigation.

Class Action Litigation -- If you are an individual whose loss is small (less than $75,000), you may have an economic interest in joining a class action suit. A class action allows many people to seek recovery without having to individually retain a lawyer and incur a legal fee; remember suits are, however, often settled for just cents on the dollar.

Litigation in State or Federal Court-- Jurisdiction and tactics determine whether a case may be better suited to be brought before a State or Federal Court.

Andrew Coté has an in-depth understanding of how the securities industry operates, along with the extensive intricacies of FINRA rules, which is not shared by many securities attorneys. He has also served as a FINRA arbitrator. Andrew Coté's trump card is that he also worked as a registered representative and executive in a broker-dealer for eight years and knows the industry inside out. Armed with this information, he has recovered millions of dollars from the securities industry’s largest brokerage firms, insurance brokers and investment advisers. Andrew Coté is respectful of clients’ finances and refuses to take any case with less than an 80% chance of success.



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